10 Ways to Celebrate National Cheese Day 2016


THIS. IS. IT. A day dedicated to all things cheese! Clearly, we celebrate dairy daily, but for those who don't, we want to make sure you have plenty of options to ensure your celeBRIEtion reaches its full potential.    

1) If you're new to the cheese game:

Start your cheese day with a fun video on how cheese is made or click here for a deeper dive.  


2) Step up your cheese presentation game with a slate board from Brooklyn Slate.

Grab one at our Farmers Markets like Saturday's in Calabasas. Don't forget to ask about our current favorites like the grass-fed, raw milk Pleasant Ridge Reserve by Uplands Cheese. Add it to your Saturday morning eggs* to start the day off on a particularly cheesy note.

*If you're ready to get serious about your morning scramble, check this out. 


3) Brush up on your cheese puns for the day.


4) Make a killer grilled cheese for lunch with the goodies you just picked up from the Farmers Market. 


5) Get your cheesy apparel on. 



6) Take this cheese quiz.


7) Make a Pizza

Here are a few examples to get those creative juices going.

Truffled Taleggio & Mushroom Pizza

Apple Cheddar Pizza with Caramelized Onions & Walnuts

Charred Cherry Tomato & Pesto Pizza with Gouda & Parmigiano


8) Make a cheesecake that's unlike any you've eaten before. 


9) Come and join us at El Segundo Brewing Co. for our monthly beer & cheese pairing.


10) Do this all day.